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This page is going to look at who we are and what we hope to achieve!

Don’t Forget Me is an Alzheimer’s Awareness page that’s main aim is to raise awareness of the impact that Alzheimer’s and Dementia have on both the person suffering with the condition and their friends and family. On the page we will be discussing what is meant by Alzheimer’s, the different support techniques and methods available to both the person suffering and their family and friends as well as places you can find out more information

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I am James Sweeney, a student at the University of Reading, originally from Swansea and I am the owner of the page. Although I am not professionally trained, I aim to mix both factual information as well as personal experiences to help give a real insight into how Alzheimer’s affects people and the people close to them.

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I do also own and run my own Blog Page, Sweeney’s Blogs, where I write blogs on Stuttering, Stress and Mental Health. Our aim on Sweeney’s Blogs is to “Highlight the I in Difference” and that is something that we try to do each week. I cover a large array of different topics either in individual blogs or through a blog series. More information on Sweeney’s Blogs can be found on our page which you can find here:

Sweeney’s Blogs: http://sweeneysblog.com

My main motivation for creating this page is my grandmother. My grandmother was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s back in 2014 and has deteriorated to the point now where she unfortunately has no mental capacity anymore. One of the things that we found the hardest when my grandmother was diagnosed was the lack of knowledge that we actually had about Alzheimer’s.

Me and my family had to find out the implications Alzheimer’s had on us the hard way and it is something that I want to try and protect others from. I believe that if people have more information and knowledge on both Alzheimer’s and Dementia then if they actually have to go through it, they will be better equipped to process and manage the condition.

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