Here at Don’t Forget Me, we are all about learning new things about ourselves, each other and life as a whole. This page is going to act as a hub for all of the pages that I create that cover certain topics, such as About Don’t Forget Me or What is Alzheimer’s? Hope you all enjoy the page and the new design, let me know what you think about the page!

About Don’t Forget Me

Do you want to learn why we made Don’t Forget Me? Do you want to see any other projects that we are working on? The future plans for this page? Then this is the page for you! Check out the About Us page to find out more!

Find out more here: https://dontforgetme.org.uk/about-us/

What is Alzheimer’s?

Curious to learn more about Alzheimer’s? Want to know more about this dreaded disease? The What is Alzheimer’s page answers these questions and so much more! The [age covers everything and anything Alzheimer’s and is the page for you if you are curious to find out more! Check it out!

Find out more here: https://dontforgetme.org.uk/what-is-alzheimers/

Personal Experience

Would you like to learn more about my experience with Alzheimer’s? DO you want to learn a little bit more about why I decided to make this page? How about learning about the inspiration for this page, my grandmother? Then this page is the page for you. Check it out below for more!

Find out more here: https://dontforgetme.org.uk/personal-experience/

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