Support Methods and Techniques when living with, or with somebody who has Alzheimer’s can be a really difficult experience to learn. Everybody finds their own way of coping with different things going through life, but there are some similarities that appear. This page is going to take a look at all of the different Support Methods and Techniques that I think can help you get through the process and can elp you live the best life possible!


Are you interested in learning how blogging can help you cope with Alzheimer’s? Are you curious about what you can blog about? Or the support you can provide to others by doing it? Check out our blogging page to find out more!

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Do you know how people like Harry Gardner are supporting people who are helping who have been affected by Alzheimer’s? Music can change the way we live our lives, so why not incorporate it into Alzheimer’s? Check out the music page below to find out more!

Music page:


Photos can be a real great way to relax and can give you a chance to relive some really great memories! Do you want to learn more about how Photos can help Support you and your loved ones through such an unusual time? Check out the Photos page below!

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