Blogging is a rapidly growing media form, whose popularity has sky rocketed over recent years. There are now around 600 million blogs running across the world and this number is increasing daily. Blogging has quickly swept across the globe and are pages that are constantly evolving and adapting, so the question rises, what is a blog?

A weblog (blog for short) is an online journal/article that displays information recorded by the author. Blogs come in a range of different forms and layouts, with each blogger customizing their page to their own preference.

Blogs can be used to raise awareness about certain topics, create debates and discussions, share real-life stories and experiences, to learn something new, to educate people and so much more! One of my personal favourite things about Blogging is that you can blog about whatever you want too!

When looking at Blogging, it is important to remember the difference between a Blog and a Blog page.

A Blog – A Single Article/Blog.

A Blog Page – The Page/Website where all of the blogs are kept and stored.

So we have briefly looked at what Blogging and Blogs are, so how can they help someone suffering from Alzheimer’s or the families and friends of someone with the disease?

The answer to the above question is simply, in whatever way you want it too! Like I mentioned at the start of this page, you can write about anything you want to on a blog. If you want to write about how Alzheimer’s has affected you, you can, if you want to talk about ways to help slow down Alzheimer’s, you can, the list is endless!

I own my own blog page called Sweeney’s Blogs and I have talked about Alzheimer’s quite a bit over on there! If you would like some inspiration for maybe what to write or how you would start writing a blog, I can help!

Here is a few examples of the blogs that I have written on my page:

Alzheimer’s: The Bookcase Analogy

This blog was one of the first blogs that I wrote on my page back when I started in February 2019. The blog takes a look at how we can use a bookcase to help better understand how Alzheimer’s affects people and the similarities that it can have with the disease. As this blog was written early on in my blogging career, it will be interesting to see the difference between this blog and the others that I share here!

Available here:

Alzheimer’s Acceptance Blog Series:

The Alzheimer’s Acceptance series is designed to discuss different methods and techniques, used by many, to accept that somebody you know has Alzheimer’s. It was one of the first series that I write on my page and uses blogs and a personal story to show that, even though acknowledging that somebody you know has the horrible disease, acceptance is a crucial step on the road to supporting the loved one in any way you can.

Available here:

Alzheimer’s Avoidance Series:

A conceptual look at Alzheimer’s disease, and some of the problems it brings.

The Alzheimer’s Avoidance Series is tailored around providing different activities and tasks that we can do to help reduce our chance of getting Alzheimer’s Disease, or if you are currently studying from the illness, they are things that can hopefully slow down the rate of deterioration.

The series looks at things like solving daily puzzles, regular exercise, decision making and more, and the effects that that can have on slowing down Alzheimer’s, or on reducing our rate of developing the disease.

Available here:

I have used Blogging as a way to try and help people reduce their risk of getting Alzheimer’s, as a way of helping to support people who have Alzheimer’s, as well as their friends and family, and I have used Blogging to help share how Alzheimer’s has impacted and affected my family.

Blogging can be a really great tool for sharing information and stories, if used effectively, and is something that I highly encourage people to do if they feel as if it would help them.

If you would like to write a guest blog about Alzheimer’s, I would more than happily help you wirte it and publish it on my blog page, giving you the full credit. if that sounds like something that interests you, either get in touch with me through this page, or through my blog page, Sweeney’s Blogs,!

Have you ever written a blog before? Are you going to try now? Do you follow any blog pages? if you were to own a blog page, what would you talk about on it? Let me know, either through our Facebook page, Don’t Forget Me, or through the Contact form!

Famous Quotes about Blogging

“If you want to continually grow your blog, you need to learn to blog on a consistent basis.”

Neil Patel

“Blogging is good for your career. A well-executed blog sets you apart as an expert in your field.”

Penelope Trunk

“Don’t focus on having a great blog. Focus on producing a blog that’s great for your readers.”

Brian Clark

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